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Help Us Be The Change 

Support 2 Other People aims to make a real impact in the lives of young Black men who are looking to reach their potential. Our goals are as ambitious as the problem is large - but we will not back down. Too many young men need real assistance to pursue their purpose, and we need your help to ensure they get the help they need. 

What Does the Statistics Say?

Troubled young Black men - including ex-offenders, repeat offenders, and those aging out of

Foster Care - face a unique set of problems. The following outlines three specific areas of need. 


D.C. Dept. of Corrections

In the District of Columbia Department of Corrections residency population, 88% are Black men. More than 60% of men in the Dept. of Corrections are unemployed at the time of incarceration.  About 30% were employed or part-time employed and at the time of release from the D.C. Dept. of Corrections will no longer have employment.

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Many of these men did not have a High School Diploma or GED before incarceration 72% of these men earned a high school diploma or GED during incarceration. 

Average Age in D.C. Dept. of Corrections

Support 2 Other People recognizes the importance of providing opportunities that will assist returning citizens upon their release to the community.   We want to target the highest percentage age group 18 – 30 young men and offer direct employment to those transitioning to the community. 

Plan of Action

Plan of Action

Support 2 Other People plans to use donations to tackle the issue with our own three-level attack plan.

1. Educational  Workshop

We are presenting our young men with basic life skills to educate them on self-care.  Allowing our young men to speak and express their concerns for themselves and their future.  Workshop will allow us to hear from our young men with questions about growth, maturity, and life lessons. 


Connecting our young men with resources and connections they need to grow and succeed.  Supporting our young men with real-life problem and challenges.     

2. Work Program

A work program is designed to help participants establish employment after high school, consider an alternative education and assist with career resolutions when needed.  Providing an environment without judgment of their current condition. 

3. Transportation

Our organization understand transportation is a very important need for anyone who want to work but has limited funds.  We want our participants to know our organization will support their career goals.  Providing a temporarily metro transit card transportation with stipend will help our young men travel to their designated workplace. 

Are You Ready To Help Us Change Lives?

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