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Head in Hands


Support 2 Other People is a sponsor service focused primarily on District of Columbia residents.  


With the assistance of community and city leaders, Support 2 Other People will be able to offer program participants the opportunity to work throughout the District of Columbia.

This opportunity serve as a stepping stone for our participants to start new and productive lives.  With our leadership, we can help the young Black men reboot, revive, and renew their potential and purpose. Our program will assist participants in becoming reliable individuals by emphasizing the differences between working in confinement and growing with an opportunity to advance as respected free men.

Our Redemption

Our Redemption 

The path a young Black man chooses to travel can either lead to a life of fulfillment or despair.  

We have all traveled many paths and experienced several twists and turns along the way.  In this life journey, we have come to realize that black men have a better calling for our lives.  We can still be determined to grow stronger and learn from our experiences rather than be destroyed by them. 

The bad choices made in the past do not mean you cannot turn your life around for the best. Confusion has a habit of entangling our minds when we are void of the truth. When there is confusion, our purpose can feel as though it lacks hope. During the darkest times in our lives - when we feel that all is gone and there is nowhere left to turn - this is when our understanding can be awakened. Even in the hardest of our trials, we can begin to focus on who we are and the strength that lives within us. 

There are so many talented individuals who have not had the chance to share their abilities with the world. Too many people have missed the chance to share their gifts. For those who have been in that confined dark space and given a second chance on life, now is the time to start your own soul-searching journey. Now is the time to realize that you have the choice to create your own change. 

Some of us will never grasp the potential that dwells within. However, that will not stop us. Our mission is to help Young Black men understand we all have a story to tell. Support 2 Other People believes in providing a forum that will allow young Black men to express themselves and create a better future for their communities and their families.

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