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As an essential component of the community, Support 2 Other People will further its service by providing educational workshops offering free life developmental skills/lessons. Our goal is to raise awareness to the powerful minds of young Black men and assist them in understanding their significant purpose in our community.  In addition, we will help them improve their social skills, practice positive communication, and build better interactive relations with society. 


The Support 2 Other People concept is to provide constructive leadership to young Black men lacking in self-understanding, development, and life purpose.  Our efforts will inspire these young men to have a better outlook on life, create new beginnings, and disconnect from the negative relational images associated with young Black men.  We want to encourage them to turn their lives around, using positivity and ideas to change their lifestyle.  Our objective is to help participants develop skills that will allow them to respectfully solve differences, improve relationships with others, and offer effective, achievable solutions that will ultimately strengthen their communities.


Support 2 Other People will launch an array of workshops that will cover obstacles and challenges most prevalent in the lives of young Black men. Our workshops will consist of a variety of topics, including Overcoming Fear of Change, Focusing on your Purpose, Learning from your Pain, and much more.​

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